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Filmes da última gravação instrumental:
arriving at the studio
this is Sander
"tema da liberdade" - 1
"tema da liberdade" - 2
Lauro and the chocolate
Lauro warming up the sax
recording sax in "tua luz"

a separação

This is a concept song, originated from the workture of the same name. The song attempts to explore the theme "separation" as intensily as possible. The separation is the beginning of everything. It is the beginning of Rupert's journey and, therefore, it is the beginning of life. It was also the unhappy beginning of something in the farthest past, when the world separated itself from its creator, by pain. But in Rupert's life, the separation, beginning of his journey, was by colour. Towards Veernandra, the land of constant sunshine, Rupert comes to the conclusion that his time during the journey is extremely important, that he had been separated by colour, and decides to live it intensively.

lágrimas lamentando o que já foi lamentado

This song was made from a text by Paula, which explores polyrithmics and other elements, such as the lack of specific chord formation in the piece which repeats itself in the introduction, middle and final part of the song. It was made in a time in which my knowledge on harmonization was still very limited, I was practically a kid, but I liked finding out things new to me on the piano.

"Lágrimas" was once presented in a contest. Paulo was on the percussion, Markus on the drums and I was on the piano. The first part of the song, where there is a lack of chord definitions, Markus and I played, with pen lids, directly on the piano strings. Our intention was indeed to make something different. By the way, piano, drums and percussion is already something that sounds strange... Well, what I was expecting happened: We took one of the last position in the contest.


The lyrics of this song was also made by Paulo. The song has a more melodious characteristic, arranged by Lauro in a jazz style. After composed, David and I rehearsed it and made a very intesting arrangement for it, with subtly different chords on the piano and on the accustic guitar. In this work, the song's arrangement was changed, but it kept some of the original characteristics.

tema da liberdade

This song was made from a phrase I wrote when I was seated on a church bench, while the minister was talking abount freedom. The recording explores some duplicated instruments making cyclic sequences.

The lyrics say "Freedom is: to be able to say we depend on someone, someone who depends on us to be happy".

atestado de óbito declara, terra sela!

The title of this song says "death certificate declares, earth seals". This was the first song made in partnership with Paulo. He had just written the lyrics when he met me at a music contest. He came to me, after hearing my song which had just been presented, and said "I have a text that speaks about cemitery. Would you like to compose a song from it?". That was the beginning of a lasting friendship, as well as of a song which does not go along traditional ways.

If we could have made a video clip in this work, which was our intention if he had had sufficient sponsoring, this would be the theme song, and the scenario would obviously be the way along the cemitery. The video clip would probably have been made in black and white, and we would have attempted to pass on the feeling which Paulo described in his narrative.

me faz ouvir

This intimist song was made in a moment of contrition, in which I wished to head and understand God's voice. After having recorded it the first time, I decided to start from scratch, for I noticed that the feeling with which it had been made had disappeared.

sol prelúdio

This song is the prelude of "sol", more intimist, composed after it. Originally, its lyrics is the summary of that of "sol", but a little bit modified. The instruments became so interesting to me that I preferred leaving it without voice.


I wrote the lyrics of this song to my son Lucas, but I ended up singing it to my son Ian, who was born 15 years after him. It is a father-to-son conversation. The bossa nova style is an attempt (succesful I hope) to explore the harmonization.


This song came up in a moment of meditation, on the guitar, which is not my strength (by the way, what is my strength?), with lyrics taken directly from the book of Job, in the Bible.

tua luz

"Tua luz" was one of the last songs composed for this work. I attempted to explore some characteristics, for example, to begin it in a intimist way and progressively pass on to a more aggressive tone in terms of instrumentation, and investigate beats which could break a little the traditional rythm.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Rogerinho and Lauro trying to find the right sound for the guitar.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Fábio coping with the piano surrounded by partiture sheets.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Keyboard stand.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Fábio, Sander and Klaus analysing a piano recording.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Rogerinho rehearsing the guitar while Sander watches.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Rogerinho destroying the guitar.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Lauro glimpsing something on the sax.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
More sax from Lauro.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Sander and Lauro analysing Rogerinho's guitar recording, on the background, seated on the floor.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Rogerinho seated in the middle of a bunch of effect devices.

Estúdios BapTchuRap
Lauro, please, don't touch that.

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