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Rupert's story

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the birth of Rupert

Rupert was born thanks to a can with remains of paint. I decided to use that paint on a wall of my kitchen. However, I didn't want to use a brush. I preferred using other kinds of material, for example, plastic bags and steel sponges in order to produce texture and the fingers to draw. In a convenient piece of wall, the idea of Rupert was born. The idea was to draw an individual as if he were coming out of the wall.

the meaning of Rupert

Rupert was born like that, without any kind of traditional beauty, as in a rock paint on a cave's wall. A simple figure, which passed on the feeling that we wanted to come out of the wall. And in order to be born again, in order to come out of Naadmevil and begin a journey to Veernandra, the land of constant sunlight, it is necessary to become like Rupert, that is, exempted of traditional ornaments, the ones which mean only status, and which only have value to natural citizens of Naadmevil.

Rupert reborn

After the separation and the pain of losing, Rupert finds himself in Naadmevil. It is sunrise, he prepares himself to his journey, his slow trip towards the land of constant sunlight. His departure means he is born again, and this is the separation by colour. To be born is to be made apart.

departure of Rupert

The journey is very long. Memories come to Rupert's mind and, especially, remarkable ones, whether they be of tears or of laughter, or even of introspection. The latter are the ones which determine the direction of his following steps, the beginning of his path, the way to his growth.

the beginning of Rupert's journey

Leaving Naadmevil towards Veernandra is not only a trip. For Rupert, it is an enterprise, much more than a life experience. One cannot hide. The challenges are considerable and the conditions many times are adverse. Rupert is not afraid. His aim: To flow like the course of water.

Rupert's entrance in the sanctuary

Suddenly, in the middle of his path, Rupert breaks the rules. He notices that his journey is not only the walking towards a specific target. His stops, get into the sanctuary and recalls the days when he imagined himself walking on the avenue of the deads.

Rupert's decision

After considering the issue which turned out to become the main reason of his life, Rupert thinks that everything has been clarified in his mind, that his journey to Veernandra is a concrete fact, and suddenly decides that it was necessary to change course, his way of walking along the path, in order to fulfil his aims. He thus leaves the sanctuary and goes away.

Rupert's new routes

After leaving the sanctuary, Rupert finds himself in a moment of changes. The rain diminishes and the few drops still falling cause him the feeling that soon life will act in a different way. It is an introspective moment, of internal change.

Rupert in the land of sunlight

The experience of being exposed to the sun in a completely vulnerable way leads Rupert to dive more deeply and to hand himself to the feeling which causes him such satisfaction.

Rupert's fate

Keeping on the way to sun light, Rupert finds himself exposed to the influences played by other stars on his path, despite their light. However, he soon learns that his way must be determined only by the sun and its direct light.

Rupert's sunset

Would it be by any chance the end of a dream? Would Rupert have walked in vain? Would it be the definitive sunset? That might be true for others, but not for Rupert. Rupert was, in fact, becoming nearer and neared his destiny, Veernandra, a place of light, the land of constant sunlight.

This is the kitchen. That is, that was my kitchen.

Please, excuse the mess.

All furniture was borrowed.

There was some painting left.

I then decided to paint this kitchen wall.

But why use a brush?

I used my own fingers, as well as some plastic bags and similar objects.

All of a sudden, Rupert begins to be formed.

He comes from a colourless plane.

He is born to make an enterprise.

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