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"casasdacidade" (housesofthecity) was the first workture produced for the eiranembeira album. I went out many times to the streets of the city of Curitiba, in the northern and northwestern districts, and also in the old city, close to Largo da Ordem. When I looked at am interesting house, I took note of the place and to come back there on the following saturday to take photos. They were dozens of photos which, after a careful selection, were computer processed to produce what I called digital collage (although this term does not totally reflect the nature of the work, since it is not only a matter of sticking together digital images). When concluded, I called the first workture produced "casasdacidade". I wrote its name at the bottom of the composition, but I decided not to use space to begin a new word, but to separate the words by colour.

a separação

"a separação" (the separation) came along just after I concluded "casasdacidade", with a very simple motivation: After I had separated the title of "casasdacidade" by colour, the following phrase came to my mind: "the separation is by colour". On the other hand, I thought, the separation is often by pain, pain of losing, pain of seeing someone leaving. I kept thinking of those two meanings and decided to contrast them through the phrases "the separation is by pain; the separation is by colour" (which in Portuguese sounds very similar - only one letter difference - a separação é pela dor; a separação é pela cor), which then originated the song "a separação".

When I found the ideal house, at Rua Cândido Hartmann, which is quite far away from the city centre, I realized that I had already made the workture in my mind. I cut the house in the middle and put both pieces at opposite ends of the canvas, that is, the right hand side of the house at the left end of the canvas, and the left hand side of the house at the right end of the canvas. After that, I took small images of the house and separated them by colour, and I displaced them a little vertically.


The workture entitled "eiranembeira" received the name "sol", which along with the song "sol" was the motivation to give this work the name "Projeto Sol". "eiranembeira" was made with photographs of houses in Morretes, a little town at the foot of "Serra do Mar" (mountains at the coast), close to "Baía de Paranaguá", in the state of Paraná. Morretes is a very interesting town. Many people from Curitiba take the road "Estrada da Graciosa" to Morretes to have lunch and to make handcraft shopping.

I lost the first version of this workture, for some reason which I do not remember. But I am glad I lost it, because "eiranembeira" (version 2) became my favourite workture, a sort of signature for me.


"luzesdacidade" (lightsofthecity) came up when I decided to work on scenes which I always liked, those of the night in the old city, at "Largo da Ordem". the pavement come from one single photograph, taken in the little square... I do not know how to explain. But those who know "Largo da Ordem" must know where the picture was taken. The scene created in the workture is a place with ups and downs, houses with typical lamps of the old city and a large house on the top of the hill.

a classificação

After the houses, it was time to work on walls, mysterious entities, full of anthagonic objectives. Many photographs taken in the city formed the first workture made up of walls. The name (classification) comes from the fact that the wall classifies the world into inside and outside, or into one side and another.


In "murosdacidade" (wallsofthecity), I decided to mix the walls, which appear in a smaller number in this work, with other elements, namely, a typical old post, with its lamp, and a bridge over a little river. Another element which I decided to explore was the colour, since I hardly use the predominant colour of this workture.

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